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Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The nanoscale science and engineering course is an advanced undergraduate/ graduate level course that focuses on how device physics change as materials approach the nanoscale and quantum effects become significant.  This class draws on knowledge from quantum mechanics, solid state physics, materials science, and thermodynamics to examine nanoscale phenomena. Classical and quantum mechanical calculations are used to model and design electrical and mechanical devices. In addition, we examine how nanoscale effects can be used to make or improve devices beyond what is available at the micro/macroscale. This class allows students to examine some of the state-of-the-art literature in nanoscale devices and phenomena through homework assignments and class discussions. The class project, which is the writing of a grant proposal, helps students think about how to take advantage of the nanoscale phenomena examined in the class to create practical and useful devices. This class is ideal for senior students preparing for research careers because it forces students to think creatively about science.

2.996 Syllabus.pdf